Chloë’s “In Pieces” Tour is Pop Excellence (pics, setlist)

R&B songstress Chloë Bailey (known mononymously as Chloë) has been singing, acting and performing since childhood alongside younger sister Halle Bailey, but viral success on YouTube garnered the attention of the Queen Bee herself, Beyoncé leading the duo to be the only artists signed to her exclusive Parkwood record label. Chloe X Halle’s sophomore record Ungodly Hour was released in 2020 to critical acclaim and praised for its vocal performances along with the deep lyrical content tapping into the cultural ethos. However, Halle Bailey would have to split from her sister for a period of time to film Disney’s remake of The Little Mermaid in the main role as Ariel, which required the actress to film in London. Separated across the pond from her sibling and long-time collaborator, Chloë channeled her creative energy into the debut record In Pieces, its title an allusion to the turmoil the singer felt while finding her voice as a solo artist for the first time.  

DJ Rosegold

Opening the show is Toronto-based DJ Rosegold, spinning certified club bangers with a focus on women artists in the mix. With a set featuring Doja Cat, Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion, Rosegold took some moments from behind the decks to throw it back on dancehall tracks, referencing her childhood growing up in Jamaica. The Caribbean-born artist’s dancehall cuts definitely got the crowd on their feet in South Florida with a heavy Caribbean crowd. Rosegold closed out her set by enticing the crowd to cheer for a mood on her LED board, with the South Florida audience shockingly roaring for a “Heartthrob” vibe featuring cuts from Mariah Carey and SZA before cheering on Chloë.


As synapses fire around a glowing realistic heart illuminating the bold white words “THE IN PIECES TOUR,” the tension in the air is palpable as the audience is roaring for Chloë. The siren song of “Someone’s Calling (Chloë)” beckons the singer onto the stage. Flanked by four dancers clad in white leotards, the singer emerges, resplendent in an intricately stoned crystal corset and bodysuit. Her massive debut track “Have Mercy” kicks off the show with high energy and kinetic choreography. While “In Pieces” only clocks in at under 40 minutes, Chloë’s show features many songs that were originally intended for the record until they were scrapped for a new direction. Singles such as “For the Night” and “Pray It Away” build up a bulk of the set with some extended dance segments. The young singer readily keeps up with her backup dancers while delivering a wildly technical vocal performance, yet due to technical issues with her in-ear monitors she herself could not hear at times. Thankfully, the issues early on in the set were dealt with quickly by a technician adjusting the mic pack as the singer barely left the stage during her set. 

The show consists of the entire “In Pieces” record, which features some moments from artists like Missy Elliott and Future, however with an absolutely focused performance the night was all about Chloë with no guest vocals even in the backing track. With her setlist seeing the artist occasionally performing on keyboards and drum pads, the multi-hyphenate artist gives a masterclass in pop star excellence.

Taking some cues from her mentor Beyoncé, the singer rarely would break from the sultry mezzo speaking voice between songs. But as the show came to a close the persona would break to offer a glimpse of the artist genuinely ecstatic to be performing to a massive Revolution Live crowd. Closing out with the Mikky Ekko co-produced “In Pieces,” the show comes full circle with the uncertainty that inspired the album on full display.


Someone’s Calling (Chlöe)
Have Mercy
Told Ya
Pray It Away
Don’t Worry ‘Bout Me (Sam’s Remix)
Do It
Shake It
Looze U
Feel Me Cry
I Don’t Mind
One Minute Man (Missy Elliott Cover)
Body Do
How Does It Feel
Heart On My Sleeve
I’ll Kill You
Make It Look Easy
For The Night
Treat Me

In Pieces

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