GALLERY: Fletcher Brings the “Girl of My Dreams Tour” to Revolution Live (w/ Verité)

On her debut record “Girl of My Dreams,” indie singer Fletcher merges sultry synthpop with an 80s rock edge in a record about sapphic relationships. From her early days on The X Factor, to coming up in the pop scene, Fletcher has been on a major tour with multiple sold-out shows every night. The “Girl of My Dreams” tour came to a sold out show at Revolution Live in Ft. Lauderdale.

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Verité opened the show in support of her latest EP “new limbs (vol. 1)” which was released in 2021. Having released two LPs over the years, the singer leaned heavily on playing the steady amount of singles she has dropped, including her latest release “are we done yet?”. Verité’s music infuses electronica and indie pop with the singer Kelsey Byrne’s soft vocals contrasted with her strong belt. With some viral success including a cover of The 1975’s “Somebody Else,” the audience was incredibly receptive to the call-and-response of newer songs like “Think of Me.” In the post-Astroworld concert experience, the singer stopped between songs to quell an intoxicated audience member causing a fight in the pit.  


With a “Girl of My Dreams” projection on the LED screen creating a bodega on the Revolution Live stage, the singer hearkens back to her NYC roots. Kicking off the show with “Guess We Lied…” Fletcher’s brand of moody pop flirts between angsty and sensual on stage. Ripping through over an hour and a half of her debut record along with singles and EPs that she has released intermittently between studies at NYU. What’s the most captivating about a Fletcher show beyond her massive hooks and eclectic soundscapes inspired by pop and punk rock, is her undeniable stage presence with a charismatic approach to the stage that makes even moments like signing boobs in the audience a sight to witness.


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