Miami Book Fair Kicks Off With Cultural Legends (Juanes, John Waters, DJ KUMI) (pics)

The 39th Miami Book Fair kicked off with a bevy of featured literary talent. In the first “Evenings With” panel, legendary Colombian singer Juanes was joined by his writer Diego Londoño in support of “Juanes. La Biografía.” With the spirit of music continuing through the evening, DJ Kumi spun a vinyl set at the Lost Chapter Rooftop Party, featuring more experimental selections rare to the typical Miami electronica crowd.

Finally, the first night concluded with a talk by the one and only “Pope of Trash,” John Waters in support of his latest fiction novel, “Liarmouth: A Feel-Bad Romance Novel” in conversation with Paul W. Morris, Executive Director of the House of Speakeasy. Not one to shy away from controversy, Waters’ effortless wordplay spins the Baltimore-based auteur through stories of wanting to be taped to airport seats, trampoline cults and the many filthy productions he has made over the years. Morris provided an excellent foil to Waters’ deadpan and off-the-wall sensibilities towards life and culture, with Waters’ allowed to dissect the milieu of his sordid filmmaking and writing career.

Juanes and Diego Londoño @ Miami Book Fair

DJ KUMI @ Lost Chapter Rooftop Party

John Waters and Paul W. Morris @ Miami Book Fair

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