PWR BTTM Launches Tour at Baby’s All Right (10.20.16)

Having toured this year with The Dresden Dolls, Lake Street Dive, and Pity Sex, PWR BTTM began a massive U.S. tour at Brooklyn’s Baby’s All Right with openers Lisa Prank and Vundabar.

Hosted by comedian Patti Harrison, she performed with a cardboard box over her face with “I’M CIS” written on it while detailing her illustrious singing career which involved a collaboration with Alicia Keys, but mostly being forced to (poorly) sing Christmas music. Harrison appeared several times during the night to introduce the bands, especially PWR BTTM to which she claimed “I didn’t even know I was trans until I heard PWR BTTM.”

While her stage setup is minimal, Lisa Prank’s aesthetic approach and overall ethos as an “Adult Teen” are carried through in all facets of performance. From the big “PRANK” foam crown to the rose lights on the microphone stand, Lisa Prank evokes a certain character in her songwriting craft. With simple barre chords and a Roland drum machine providing a synthesized beat, the infectious lyrics and execution feel like an evolved adolescent bedroom project.

Boston-based trio Vundabar were up next (Bellows would fill out the rest of this tour as openers). With technical proficiency rivaling bands well beyond their years, the outfit functions as cohesive in performance as they do on their two records “Gawk” and “Antics.” Loaded with massive choruses and loud/soft dynamic sensibilities of many influential 90s alt rock acts, the band seemed like a natural fit on this bill.

Launching into “West Texas” off their debut record “Ugly Cherries” both Ben Hopkins (he/they) and Liv Bruce (they/them) shared lead vocals before ripping through many of the other tracks on their fantastic album, released by Miscreant Records. With their upcoming sophomore effort being unveiled through Polyvinyl, the band operated as a trio with Nicholas Cummins (they/them) rounding out the group on bass. As well as, a french horn player who joined the group for some new tracks and old favorite “1994.” Ending their set with a chant of “No man will ever love me the way I want him to,” a sentiment which would bring many tears to melt the makeup off the crowd, the band came back for an encore of “All the Boys” with Hopkins no longer in a dress, or almost any other clothes for that matter.


West Texas
Ugly Cherries
Dairy Queen
BBD (New Song)
Serving Goffman
I Wanna Boi
C U Around
(New Song)
Sissy (New Song)
Oh Boy (New Song)

All The Boys
House in Virginia
Patti Harrison

Lisa Prank



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