Free Cake for Every Creature and T-Rextasy Played Churchill’s Pub

On a Winter trek to warmer shores, Philly’s Free Cake for Every Creature and New York’s T-Rextasy brought their joint tour to Churchill’s Pub in Miami. Originally scheduled for the patio area of the venue, the show was brought inside to The Studio due to inclement weather. The small, green room sized area (with two actual green rooms adjacent to it) gave the basement/house show vibe for two touring acts that play much bigger rooms in the Northeast.

Katie Bennett and co. aka Free Cake for Every Creature began their set just a little after midnight due to the Anti-Castro Fest, a starkly different, primarily metal and hard rock show, booked in the main room. However, with Bennett’s own roots tracing back to Cuban grandparents, the sentiment was entirely mutual. Playing tracks off her two LPs, especially 2016’s “Talking Quietly of Anything With You” the ethos of being “quiet and still uncompromising” echoed through her more gentle live performance and approach to her craft. In a sense, her brand of indie pop is reminiscent of contemporaries who speak to the core of “Radical Softness As a Weapon” such as Frankie Cosmos and Diet Cig with deceptively simple chord progressions and highly cathartic, personal narratives.

With their latest release, “Jurassic Punk,” New York quintet T-Rextasy ripped through their set ripe with the energy DIY acts like Jawbreaker Reunion with the approach to the stage of a more inclusive version of the riot grrl movement. Vocalist Lyris Faron commanded the center of the stage(?) with a deadpan drawl that was supplemented with the femme energy of her bandmates, yet consciously managed the stamina of the group by choosing to omit more physically draining tracks like “I Wanna Be a Punk Rocker” in place of more slower jams like “Yellow Jacket Boy” and the ever-infectious “Gap Yr Boi.” This decision proved to be advantageous as the band performed a focused, powerful set that got the attention of even the snobbiest local live music aficionadxs.

Churchill’s Pub
Free Cake for Every Creature


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