Waxahatchee Releases “Early Recordings”


Singer-songwriter Katie Crutchfield and co. have been busy on the road in support of their 2015 record “Ivy Tripp.”

After announcing a few P.S. Eliot reunion shows, Crutchfield is reissuing her older material in “Early Recordings” which feature tracks recorded during the “American Weekend” era.

About the record, the singer says:

They came out five years ago as a super limited split cassette that was mostly for friends and family, and truth be told, I had largely forgotten about them until this spring while on a solo tour of the West Coast. At first I was tentative about re-listening to these recordings, but the nostalgia I felt when re-hearing them was warm, and I thought it might be nice to make them available again.

“Early Recordings” Streaming Here

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