Charli XCX Announces “Vroom Vroom EP”


Charli XCX @ Urban Outfitters Herald Square

UK pop vocalist Charli XCX has announced her third (fourth?) record to be released under her new label Vroom Vroom Recordings, a subsidiary of her main label, Atlantic Records. Along with the statement made earlier today on Facebook, she revealed that the first wave of artists including RIVRS and CuckooLander.

With 2014’s “Sucker” seeing Charli take a departure from the electronica romp of “True Romance” in favor of more upbeat, sugary, punk-pop riffs, this new single indicates her returning to more familiar territory. The track shows her more experimental side, a darker, sleek sound that shows a sharp left turn that may have come during her departure from the Jack and Charli Do America Tour.

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