Waxahatchee Played Silent Barn (pics, review)

As a fundraiser for Planned Parenthood NY, Silent Barn organized a show featuring female and non-binary performers on the anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision. With the representation of oppressed voices, the energy of the artists was brought in a wide dynamic range from the abrasive sound of Trophy Wife to the whisper-quiet vocals of Waxahatchee.

With a staggering line down Bushwick Ave by the 9PM show time, local act Vagabon played at 9:25 to help allow the crowd more time to make their way out of the cold. Lead by vocalist/guitarist Laetitia Tamko, the performance was a more intimate, stripped down version of the band’s arrangements. The close quarters saw Tamko more comfortable with speaking candidly on stage and even telling jokes about personal anecdotes like when asked about the band’s name by an interviewer:”Why the dropped D?” “I’m in standard!” Without members Elise Okusami and Eva Lawitts, Vagabon featured another guitarist named Josh and Gabrielle Smith of the band Eskimeaux, who played last night at Mercury Lounge, opening for Julien Baker.

Philly duo Trophy Wife took the stage loaded with feminist-fueled energy. Drummer Katy Otto actually works with the Planned Parenthood in the band’s hometown, so her unwavering support for the organization saw the band discuss the ideologies behind institution on stage and especially with the defunding of Planned Parenthood earlier last year. While both performers are white, their understanding of oppression goes even as far as having a song dedicated to Eric Garner, who was unjustly killed by the NYPD in 2015.

Though admitting to having nerves before her set, having come to her sold out show alone, Katie Crutchfield commanded the stage with a presence that silenced a packed, drunk crowd. Although, that may have to do with the fact that she began with a disclaimer “This is going to be really quiet so if you want to talk…you should GTFO.” As a solo show, the singer played more tracks off her debut record “American Weekend”, a lo-fi acoustic debut that featured only Crutchfield and a guitar. With her lyrical content and candor about love and loss, the singer took time between tracks to give her disdain towards the patriarchy, having stunted her in 2015 and how 2016 will be the year to “stop taking shit from shitty men.” While this year, she is primarily in the writing phase for her upcoming fourth record, having debuted a new track “Never Been Wrong” on-stage. The singer plans to make her full band return to NYC around this summer, as we had planned to see last year at an unfortunately, rained out show.


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Trophy Wife





Grass Stain
Swan Dive
American Weekend
Greenville (Lucinda Williams Cover)
Tangled Envisioning
Never Been Wrong
Half Moon
I Think I Love You

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