CMJ Review: Sofar Sounds Showcase

Originally started as an alternative to the typical rock show setup, Sofar Sounds brought their showcase all across the globe, into a highly intimate invite-only secret showcase for CMJ at Projective Space.

Opening the show was electronic singer-songwriter Briana Marela, whose ethereal compositions utilize sampler pads and other synths to create massive soundscapes. On her most recent single, the singer collaborated with Alex Somers, partner of Sigur Ros vocalist Jonsi. The setting definitely worked to her advantage, with the audience hanging on her every move.

From New Zealand, folksy balladeer Marlon Williams played a powerful, emotionally raw set armed only with his acoustic guitar and his voice. As his last show before his UK tour with his full band, the music seemed a bit spare without an ensemble, but the space allowed his music to shine through.

Finishing out the night was Seattle quintet Motopony, who brought their blend of sentimental indie rock to the showcase. With singer Daniel Blue playing a three string guitar, the lower end was lacking a bit, but with three guitar players and a synthesizer the act made for a great way to close out the show.

Photos credit of CMJ

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Briana Marela

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Marlon Williams

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