REVIEW: Mac Demarco’s “Another One” (stream here)


Mac Demarco’s latest release “Another One” sees the singer take his sonic references to a new level. The indie rocker’s signature blend of jangly lo-fi has transformed since his debut LP “2”, to a more subdued, almost Steely Dan level of easy listening vibes. While the album is overtly downtempo, the arrangement of the tracks make the differences in speed transition from downbeat ballads at snail’s pace, into more rhythmic grooves.

Notably, there is a more significant presence of synth/keyboard based compositions like the title track, “Without Me”, or “No Other Heart.” While Demarco primarily plays guitar in performance, he has also gone under some major gear change, exchanging his Mosrite Hybrid for the more reputable name of brands like Fender and Gibson.

Where Demarco took on more powerful influences from his earlier life on “2” and “Salad Days”, with tracks like “Cooking Up Something Good” juxtaposing an upbeat, soulful composition with the narrative involving his father’s meth addiction. The major lyrical themes of the album mostly speak of the turbulence of both love and a lack thereof. With Demarco’s transition from a private to a more public life, much of the lyrical speculation involved his relationship with Kiera McNally, known affectionately as “Kiki.” While the couple are still currently together, Demarco’s lyrics allude to former lovers and even referencing them in live shows, giving fans suspicion about their relationship.

However, Demarco even takes his newfound public figure status as a slacker with ease and almost glaring indifference by literally giving you his address to his new home in the Far Rockaways on the closing track “My House By The Water.” As a transplant from Edmonton, Canada the singer came to America to live in the trendy neighborhood of Greenpoint in Brooklyn. Moving much further away in the borough of Queens, the Far Rockaways are noted for their beaches but also being a bit less accessible by public transportation. Demarco’s new place of residence has seemed to make him more prolific, having released his “BBQ Soundtrack” from his home studio.

Inevitably, “Another One” shows a more sentimental side to Demarco’s often goofy persona. Where his previous records took reference from his upbringing, the mini-album shows him looking back on former love with somber, resigned reflection and his current relationship with the anticipation of understanding in the failings of older love.

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