Desaparecidos Playing Webster Hall Next Week (8/6)


Coming off the release of their second LP “Payola” after nearly a decade in the making, Conor Oberst’s political punk-project Desaparecidos makes their return to NYC in East Village venue Webster Hall (8/6). With their debut record “Read Music/Speak Spanish” released in 2002, Oberst would take time from the group to make several records with his main group, Bright Eyes before their dissolution, the supergroup Monsters of Folk, and his two solo projects. Recently, Oberst brought the group back together after another solo project and tour, releasing singles like “MariKKKopa” and “Te Amo Camilia Vallejo.” The main appeal of the group is Oberst’s outspoken political statements backed by thrashing post-hardcore compositions, which considering the highly tense political and social climate with relations between the people and the powers-that-be at an all time low, it made sense for Oberst to resurrect the quintet and call out social injustices through his signature bloodcurdling scream. Where some of their debut record saw the singer-songwriter take his more personal approach to lyricism, Oberst takes a more outward view in writing “Payola”, decrying an abuse of power and privilege, while using the familiar sound snippets found on their first album.

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