An Unending Kiss NYC- From Jonathan Manarang


As a photographer, writer, and general lover of music I began Unending Kiss NYC to fully dedicate my pieces to one website. Rather than be some odd combination of a portfolio/news site I wanted to keep the mission of UK NYC relatively simple- keeping you up-to-date on new music and shows in NYC. Even the title comes from a quote in Kim Gordon’s memoir “Girl in a Band.”

“The need for transcendence or maybe just for distraction. A day at the beach, a trip to the mountains. From hum-drum life, boredom, loneliness. Maybe thats all performance ever was, really. An unending kiss. That’s all we ever wanted to feel when we paid money to hear someone play.”

These words summarized what I want to capture in all aspects of my new photo-journalistic documentation of music in New York. I can only hope to evoke as much emotion from my readers/viewers/listeners as this quote pulled me in from my site. My photography will be moved to, and my articles will live here.

Stay tuned for the latest in new music in NYC,

Jonathan Manarang

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