The Vaccines at Warsaw with Drowners 06.09.15

The Vaccines played a sold out show at Greenpoint venue Warsaw on Tuesday night with opening act Drowners. Fresh off the heels of their album “English Graffiti” the band’s set was comprised mostly of tracks from the record as well as, the major hits off of “What Did You Expect?” and “Come of Age” as well as, the “Melody Calling EP.” Developing a more technical sensibility on their most recent record, the band consisting of Justin  Young (vocals/guitar), Freddie Cowan (guitar/vocals), Arni Arnason (bass/vocals), and Pete Roberston (drums) added a new touring member, covering guitar, keyboards, and percussion. Similarly, Drowners’ setlist was made up of several tracks from their self-titled debut record but also played several new tracks from their currently-untitled sophomore record. With titles like “Acid Summer” and “Cruel Ways” the band seemed more enthused playing the new tracks than their older songs. Having seen them twice in 2014 alone, Matt Hitt and co. were far more energetic playing similar sets after the release of “Drowners”. Currently, drummer Joe Brodie is having issues with his visa in the U.S. and is being replaced on their current tour by David Jacobs. After new tracks and  “We’re Drowners from New York” repeated ad nauseam, The Vaccines took the stage. Fraught with Young’s misanthropic lyricism and 50s hard-edged energy that sounds like an alternate universe where the Arctic Monkeys starred in “Grease”, the band brought out their audience of millennials in droves to the tiny Brooklyn venue/Polish community center. At times, the rambunctious crowd of teens shoved forward, trying to touch Young as he stood precariously from the edge of the stage. Ripping through an electric set, some highlights of the night included more gentle moments such as the crowd singing along to Justin Young playing “No Hope” acoustically during the encore to a girl’s failed attempt at stagediving to guitarist Freddie Cowan’s amusement.


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The Vaccines

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