Screaming Females, Jeff Rosenstock, Mal Blum, and Hiccup Play The Chris Gethard Show Premiere Party at Rough Trade NYC

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With the help of BrooklynVegan and Rough Trade NYC, comedian Chris Gethard brought several of his past musical guests on his show for the premiere of his transition to the Fusion Network. With it’s start on public access TV, the Chris Gethard Show features a cast of oddball actors such as Murf Meyer, Shannon O’Neill, Bethany Hall, and a performer simply known as Mimi On The Hoops (who made an appearance during Screaming Females first song). With Gethard speaking in between sets, the show began with Hiccup, which consists of Hallie and Alex of the TCGS in-house band. With the trio making appearances during the night on stage and in the audience, Gethard brought on Murf Meyer (giving some brief stories on veganism) before Jeff Rosenstock took the stage. Starting with the audience chant of “Eat More Butts” the band went into a cover of The Smiths “Heaven Knows I’m (Beautiful) Now.” Before the end of the set, and attempting to fill time, Gethard went on stage and channeled his inner Morrissey for a reprise of The Smiths cover (this time singing past the first chorus) before passing his guitar into the audience while going into another chant of “Eat More Butts” along with Hallie from Hiccup. Following the electrifying set was the premiere of the first episode of Chris’ show, featuring Abbi and Ilana from Broad City as guests along with musical act The Front Bottoms (who made an appearance in the audience that night). Gethard then took the stage to join genderqueer singer Mal Blum for a duet of their song “Crying at the Wawa” and a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing In The Dark.” At the end of the night, New Brunswick’s own Screaming Females played an energetic performance going into older hits “It All Means Nothing” and “Rotten Apple” which they performed on Gethard’s TV show before, as well as, tracks from their latest LP “Rose Mountain”.

Chris Gethard

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Murf Meyer

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Jeff Rosenstock

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Mimi On The Hoops/Shannon O’ Neill/Bethany Hall

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Mal Blum

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Screaming Females

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