Santigold Plays Steve Madden Show at Music Hall of Williamsburg 05.14.15

With only one other show under her belt since the birth of her son Radek, Santigold made her return to NYC by playing a free show, sponsored by Steve Madden. The set was comprised of some of the major hits from her records “Santogold” and “Master of My Make Believe.” While dusting off some tracks that had been worn off from years of performing them on tour, Santigold did announce that her currently untitled third record has just been completed. Though acknowledging some vocal issues during the night, the choreography in conjunction with her backup dancers were as precise and graceful as ever. Playing into the strengths of the smaller, more intimate environment, the singer held a Lip-Sync Battle with randomly selected¬†audience members miming along to some of her bigger hits “Unstoppable” and “Lights Out” as well as her collaboration with Major Lazer “Hold the Line.” Rather than settle for an encore, Santigold brought a large crowd on stage for “Creator.”


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