Speedy Ortiz at Bowery Ballroom 04.25.15

jmana_9509 copyMassachusetts natives Speedy Ortiz brought the massive sound of their latest record “Foil Deer” to New York’s own Bowery Ballroom. Lead by vocalist/guitarist Sadie Dupuis the quartet has played the Northeast region several times, including last year’s 4Knots Music Festival. The set was comprised mainly of tracks off of “Foil Deer” while also playing tracks from their early singles such as “Swim Fan”, “Indoor Soccer”, and “Ka-Prow”. Also included were songs off their debut LP “Major Arcana” with selections “Tiger Tank” and “Plough”. The band concluded with their massive single off of their “Real Hair” EP “American Horror”. The opening acts for the night were two bassist/vocalist indie rock trios, Boston’s own Krill and Mitski from Brooklyn.


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Speedy Ortiz

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